What Are Vinyl Graphics?

Businesses have a lot of options nowadays in how they market themselves. Tools like vinyl graphics are a great way for businesses to get the attention of future clients. You can use them creatively in just about any environment. But what exactly are vinyl graphics?

So, what are vinyl graphics? Vinyl graphics are any form of design that is made from vinyl. They can be colourful and eye-catching to draw attention to things like your business name, logo, and message. Vinyl graphics are popular for being cost-effective, long-lasting, and easily accessible.

In this article, we’ll be discussing in further detail some examples of vinyl graphics. Including how you can design and create your own vinyl graphics, and the ways in which these designs make great marketing tools. If you’d like to learn more about each of these topics, keep on reading.

What’s an Example of a Vinyl Graphic?

As we’ve said, a vinyl graphic can be any type of design made of vinyl. They can be applied to almost any flat, smooth surface, and whether you notice them or not, you pass by them every day.

You’ve surely seen plenty of vinyl graphics while driving down the road. Vinyl decals are popular among business owners and tradesmen who brand their vehicles and promote goods and services.

But it doesn’t just stop at car decals, let’s explore some of the most popular examples of vinyl graphics and where you can usually find them.

  1. Lettering
  2. Floor graphics 
  3. Wall graphics
  4. Billboard signs
  5. Decals 

Example #1: Lettering


Vinyl lettering consists of letters, numbers, shapes, and logos. These are cut from sheets of thin, solid-coloured vinyl material. The letters are then pre-placed and applied to transfer tape. After the letters have been correctly cut and transferred to the tape, you’re ready to apply the lettering to whichever surface you choose.

You can find examples of vinyl lettering almost everywhere, and it’s sure to bring attention to your company’s brand, logo, and your message. You can find vinyl lettering on windows outside of businesses, printed on the back of a company car, and even the glass doors of offices and retail shops.

Example #2: Floor Graphics

Vinyl Floor Stickers / Graphics / Decals

Surely you’ve seen a lot of vinyl floor graphics lately, urging you to stay 2m or 6ft behind the customer in front of you.

Floor vinyl graphics are made of thin, adhesive material with a printed, full-colour design facing upwards. They are unlike regular decals and stickers because they are made with durability in mind.

These types of graphics can come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. They’re a great way to get a customer’s attention. You can use them to make new announcements or communicate any regulations that you’d like people to be aware of.

Example #3: Wall Graphics


Vinyl wall graphics use masking to apply multiple die-cut decals easily and evenly. You can use them on any smooth wall surface, and it’s a sure way to make any wall space stand out.

You can find wall graphics in places like the grocery store or the gym. They’re the perfect way to add a bit of personality to your business and bring your brand to life. You can easily apply some wall graphics yourself, but if you’re in need of some help for a larger project, ask the producer to install them for you. There are always professionals who can assist you in keeping your design looking clean, smooth, and professional.

Example #4: Vinyl Billboard Signs

Vinyl Outdoor Banners

You speed past them every day on the road, and they’re built to stand up to the elements for long periods of time. Vinyl billboards are a perfect way to gain the attention of thousands of people a day.

Vinyl billboards are primarily used outdoors, as they are large and the material is weather-proof. Come rain or shine, your company name will stand strong and stay looking sleek no matter what the outdoor conditions are. And with a large advertisement that stands much taller than the rest, you’re sure to attract new eyes every day.

Example #5: Decals

Have you ever asked yourself, what’s the difference between a decal and a sticker?

The only difference is that decals are cut from vinyl, and stickers are not. Decals are popular for outdoor use, such as the back windows of cars, or to name just about every boat you seen in the marina.

Since vinyl decals are waterproof, they can withstand the elements far better than regular paper stickers.

Decals are yet another way to attract attention to your business. Just stick your decal design on whichever smooth, flat surface you wish, and you’re all set.

How to Design/Create Your Own Vinyl Graphic

You have a lot of options when creating your own vinyl graphics.

You could invest in your own vinyl cutting machine if you see fit, or you could always order from a business that specializes in those kinds of service.

Investing in your own vinyl cutting machine is key for those looking to create vinyl graphics on a regular basis. For example, let’s say you want to open up a small business and create your own vinyl decals, investing in a proper cutting machine might be the best choice.

If you want a professional look, you might want to engage a graphic designer and work with a vinyl graphics producer to create exactly what you want. You might want to push the boat out if you intend to change your graphics less frequently.

It really depends on who you are and what you’re looking to do with your business. 

Many of the signage companies in your local area are likely to be able to assist you. For home projects you can also look into individual creators on websites like Etsy that create unique and custom vinyl graphics.

Why Vinyl Graphics Are Such a Great Marketing Tool

There are so many reasons as to why vinyl graphics are beneficial to businesses. Despite the rise of digital marketing tools like email and social media marketing, vinyl graphics are just as popular as ever.

One of the many reasons vinyl graphics continue to stand the test of time, is due to the fact that these graphics can be visually appealing. So many businesses and brands are competing every second of every day to grab your attention and keep it.

Marketing that will attract more eyes and ears to your service is the goal. And you want your material to be omnipresent. You need your brand to be appealing and highly visible, out there for audiences to consume. Sleek and colourful vinyl graphics are always sure to turn heads and leave audiences interested.

Another reason you’ll find these graphics such a viable marketing tool is the low-cost factor. Many forms of advertisement today can be expensive and vinyl graphics are relatively simple to produce. You’ll find yourself saving money on an advertisement that reaches just as large an audience.

Lastly, vinyl graphics really are key for advertising outdoors. Seeing how vinyl is made of weather-proof material, it is built to survive most temperatures and conditions. That makes vinyl perfect for things such as billboards or outdoor signs.

That durability is long-lasting, and a quality vinyl graphic often stays looking professional and brand new for years. Some of the vinyl graphics above can be reused and repurposed. If you invested in a vinyl sign or banner, you don’t have to worry about purchasing another. They can be moved around and put to work again and again.


To review, a vinyl graphic is any type of design made out of vinyl. This can be a decal, a sign, or an adhesive made to stick to your wall, window, or flooring.

You can create your own vinyl graphics at home with the correct materials. Or you can order a specific design from a business that specialises in creating vinyl graphics.

Vinyl graphics are also a smart marketing tool for numerous reasons. Not only is it cost-effective and visually appealing to an audience, but it’ll bring you long-lasting results. Consider using them for outdoor advertising that will be sure to reach a whole new set of eyes.

If you’re looking for the next big marketing tactic to reach your desired clients, sometimes the traditional ways work just as well. Look no further than the creative and colourful world of vinyl graphics.


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